What is Life Coaching and Life Coach Training like? So by now life coaching is becoming more and more known around the world. But, because it’s a newer field, there’s a lot of ‘fluidity’ in it, from the life coach training and schooling to definitions, and even methods. One person’s understanding and concept of Life Coaching is often completely different from another’s. This can pose some problems for the profession and cause it to be misunderstood. In the end, what it really comes down to though, is how you feel with your coach and what you get from coaching. So here’s my take on coaching and finding the right coach. Just a few insights after receiving coaching, training to coach, coach certification and being a coach.

My first time…getting Life Coaching

I have received coaching from several different coaches, and each experience was completely different. In fact, I considered getting into life coaching a good few years before I actually did. I was feeling lost and unsure of which direction to take. My background in Psychology was something I was proud of and I absolutely adored it. It was fascinating to me…getting to know why we do what we do, and helping people find an answer within themselves. But I knew in my heart that continuing on my path in my doctorate program for Psychology was not for me. I was also quite sick at the time with debilitating stomach issues and migraines. To say “I was lost”, might be a great understatement.
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So, there I was, wondering what to do now

I’d heard about life coaching and life coach training and thought I’d give it a try, perhaps a coach could help me find my path. Well, it didn’t go so well…I tried a couple of sessions with the coach and just found it all a bit weird. I wrote coaching off as quirky and moved on to other things… nutritional studies and trying to heal my body without needing to take strong medications. (But that’s another story…you can read a little more about that here.)

Don’t make the same mistake!

To this day I can’t believe I gave up on the whole profession based on just one coach! That’s like not liking the one hairdresser and thinking that they’re all quirky like that and now you just won’t cut your hair…everSo here’s my first bit of advice; Treat finding a coach like finding a doctor, or hairdresser. Coaching is a very personal journey so it has to fit perfectly. Your coach should be someone that you feel completely comfortable with. Someone who will push you (positively) and support you on your journey. Do your research, try out a few different ones a see which one is best for YOU! Most coaches have a free Intro session where you can get to know them before taking any further steps. So give it a go and don’t give up until you find the one for you. A good place to start is on the coaches testimonials page. Do you relate to the stories of the former clients? Does the way they’re describing the coach speak to you? 

Life Coach Training Program

In your research pay attention to the amount of coach training your coach received and what school they attended. This is where that ‘fluidity’ comes in that I mentioned earlier. Unfortunately, there are no regulations in place for who gets to call themselves a life coach. So, you might find a coach who went on a weekend retreat to become a coach. Or you might find a coach who was in a structured life coach training program for a year or more. I have found that coaches who spent quite some time training, will be sure to include that in their info.

Certified Life Coach

My advice to you is to find a coach that is certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF). Their requirements for certification include (just to name a few): ICF accredited schooling, at least 100 hours of coaching experience, and a certification exam. They also put a strong emphasis on teaching and upholding the coaching code of ethics. I searched for a coach training program that was recognized by the ICF, since they are the top international certification body in the world of coaching. I personally would always want to know that my coach has certification from ICF. Click here to learn a bit more about my coach training and certification.

It must be right for YOU!

Coaches will differ greatly based on their training, personality and coaching style. Here’s more info on coaching and my coaching style. To get some quick answers on how I work check out my Frequently Asked Questions page. It is so important to click with your coach. It has to be right for you. So don’t be shy about trying some different coaches. Get a good feeling of how they will be with you and how they will support you. Your coaching sessions should be something you look forward to. And something you leave feeling lighter and happier. Once I found my perfect coach (It took me 4 tries) I was hooked and loved every minute of it. So give it a try today, contact that coach you’ve been thinking about for a little bit or request a free Intro session with me and see if we’re a good fit. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or if I can be of help to you.

Life Coaching Goods for You

While you’re researching coaching and whether it’s right for you, why not enjoy some self-coaching worksheets? I create these free downloadable worksheets based on research and past experiences with clients. You might really enjoy the Self-Discovery by Free Association one, or the Whole Life Check-In one. The Coaching Session Wrap-up one would be great if you start coaching (doesn’t matter who your ends up being coach). Well I think there’s actually a lot of worksheets that would be great for you. And my Mailing List Peeps get special insider one’s on top of those too. So look out for those if you sign up with me.

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