Coaching Client Testimonials

I am so fortunate to be working with, and to have worked with, such amazing clients. Here you will find just a few of my coaching client testimonials. There is no better feeling than to help a client find that sweet “Aha!” moment. It opens the door to creating action steps that lead to lasting change for their future. My clients have taught me so much and I have such deep respect and admiration for them all. They opened up and invited me into their life, confusion, pains, and their joys. They allowed themselves to be vulnerable and honest. They dug deep and took a good look at their path, their choices, and their future. My work means so much to me, and I cherish my time with my clients. I am deeply grateful to my clients for their feedback on what our sessions have meant to them.

I Definitely would recommend Stephanie with no hesitation or reservation!

My journey through breast cancer was easier I believe, having Stephanie to talk through some of my concerns and fears opened up different perspectives. Even by just speaking my fears aloud in the safe, trusting space she provided, allowed me to realize my fears were not real! Stephanie asked great questions! Ones I had not even thought about! They were simple and straightforward and helped to point me in a different direction or train of thought. Stephanie’s acknowledgement throughout our coaching sessions helped build my confidence and recognition of my own self-confidence and achievements. I definitely would recommend Stephanie with no hesitation or reservation! Why? She has a soft but firm approach. I think anyone who is facing a challenge in their life especially perhaps health issues as I think she has a lot to offer in this area with her expertise in nutrition. Stephanie is a very caring person who wants to help others; she is honest, genuine and totally trustworthy and true to her word!

Suzanne E.C.

New York, U.S.A.

I’ve had countless “aha!” moments with Stephanie.

Stephanie is kind, calming, and wise. She asks great questions which really get me thinking about how I live my life. I have gained many insights into what I really want in my life and how to effectively go after my goals. I have been able to acknowledge my strengths better and find gratitude in my current life. Stephanie’s support has enabled me to take some really big risks. When they pay off I have been able to celebrate them with Stephanie and when I have fallen flat on my face she has been there to help me process that. Stephanie is an amazingly kind and open person. I have said things in sessions that I would never say to anyone else, but she has created such a safe space for me to really speak my truth without fear of judgment. This allows me to really delve into the heart of a problem without mincing words or editing my thoughts and emotions. I feel like my sessions with Stephanie are my steering wheel. I look forward to our sessions as I know that they will help me to stop, think and act in a deliberate and thoughtful way instead of barreling ahead on autopilot. Stephanie knows me so well that she knows how to help me see links between past sessions and our current one that can help me find greater clarity. I think Stephanie’s style would be suited to anyone who needs some TLC while they pursue their goals. Her compassion and kindness is a real strength and her sessions are like a lovely soft blanket to curl up in! Stephanie is amazing at helping you uncover seemingly small thoughts/ beliefs that are having a huge impact on your life. I have had countless “aha” moments with Stephanie. I feel so fortunate to have met Stephanie when I did. She has helped me to remain true to myself throughout a marriage separation, overseas relocation and starting a business and a PhD. With Stephanie I really feel heard and understood. She helps me to clarify my thoughts and feelings and the solutions or next steps just seem to magically appear during my sessions with her. Stephanie helps me to return to my core values and holds me accountable for my actions. I look forward to our sessions, as I know that they set me up for a fabulous few weeks. I highly recommend Stephanie for anyone wanting to gain a better understanding of themselves and make real, long lasting change in their life.

Lauren W.

Melbourne, Australia

Sessions with Stephanie were moments that I looked forward to.

Stephanie helped me explore tough feelings and self doubt that led me to a mindset that supported my growth and life goals. I’ve accomplished goals with a positive mindset and less self doubt. I’ve changed my outlook on work and goals to better serve me. I’ve given myself more room to be who I naturally am. She brings a great balance between structure, positivity and exploration. She asks appropriately hard questions that get to the root of problems and creates a space that feels comfortable to explore those issues. She brought a great sense of humor and relatability to our sessions, which helped me become more comfortable when talking through issues. I always left our sessions with a sense of accomplishment and a way forward.

Sara P.

Washington D.C., U.S.A.

What a breath of fresh air she is!

I was initially unfamiliar with what a personal Coach actually does.  After receiving Coaching from Stephanie, I understand the value it brings to my thought process, clarity, direction and motivation.  Stephanie has a specific style which causes you to develop different perspectives and think about your issues in a way that helps you to resolve them or become comfortable with the circumstances.  She allows you to lead yet maintains organization within the discussions.  The “assignments” and follow up she summarizes at the end and beginning of each call help you to become even further vested in moving forward in the process. I’ve gained a broader and healthier perspective of various concerns I had and have had many tangent benefits which came about as a result of tackling those issues.  I see why many have personal Coaches and realize the value of having this type of  relationship. Clarity and direction are two other results achieved since working with Stephanie. What a breath of fresh air she is!  Despite her relaxed demeanor, she truly sparks a fire within you to achieve, accept, and grow!

Monique B.

Atlanta, U.S.A.

Started to believe in myself more

Since working with Stephanie, I have become more aware of my emotions, feelings and my thought patterns. I have become more understanding of myself, more confident and more independent. I have also become aware of my priorities and the things that I need and don’t need in my life in order for me to feel fulfilled. Stephanie has a warm and calm voice, which always made me feel like I can open up to her about my issues very easily. I enjoyed our laughs together and all the funny moments. With Stephanie’s support I started to believe in myself more and in my abilities that I can do the things that I plan to do. I didn’t feel like I was pushed to do any action, but on the contrary I felt like I wanted to take action and show more interest in my development. Stephanie is a very kind and warm coach; she can help you have a better understanding of the issues that are going on in your life. She is very supportive, encouraging and her approach is soft but firm. I am very grateful that I had the chance to meet Stephanie and loved her positive energy that she always brought to our sessions. It was a pleasure having Stephanie as my coach. I found our sessions to be unique and powerful. With Stephanie’s support I was able to dig deep and gain awareness around my thought patterns. For our sessions together, she created a trusting, comfortable and safe place, where I found it easy to talk without being judged. She is a great listener and an authentic coach. I would definitely recommend her as a coach.

Corina P.

London, England

Highly recommend working with Stephanie!

What I liked best about working with Stephanie was the stress-free atmosphere she created. During the session, I was very comfortable talking with her and able to be more open. She never judged me. I always felt I had been heard by her; so that I was very satisfied each time we finished the session. Stephanie is always there for you. (Her full presence for the session). She really helped me think through, go deeper about my thoughts and feelings, and create action steps to move forward. My Coaching session with Stephanie helped me increase my awareness and make actions toward my goal. Her calm and caring personality allowed me to explore my thoughts and feeling until I fully satisfied, which gave me more clarity on the subject we worked. I highly recommend working with Stephanie!

Maiko U.

Boulogne-Billancourt, France

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