Frequently Asked Questions about Coaching

Got questions about Coaching and what it’s like to coach with me? Below you’ll find the most frequently asked questions that I have received. You might also find what you’re looking for in my site’s Terms & Conditions, or Privacy Policy. These links can also be found in the footer menu throughout my site. If you’re still unclear about something after digging through these FAQs, go ahead and drop me a line. I’ll be sure to get back to you as soon as I can

How long does your coaching relationship with a client last?

My time with clients has varied greatly, it all depends on what you desire and need out of our coaching together. I would recommend a minimum of 12 sessions. This allows for enough growth to have occurred so that you start to learn the coaching way, and help yourself to create your own path towards the life you want.  But I have clients whom I have worked with over years (off and on). It’s really up to you, your schedule and your needs.

Can I take a break from coaching and come back for more coaching later?

Absolutely! This is your journey and it’s got to be right for you and for your timing. I have had clients who finished a 12-16 session run with me and just wanted some breathing space to try out this newfound ‘coachy’ way of thinking. Some have come back for just a few more sessions others send me loving email updates on how they’re doing and don’t feel the need for further coaching at this time.

How international is your client base? I wonder if I can work with you.

I am completely open to coaching women from all walks of life and corners of the globe. As long as you have a good internet connection for your Skype or are willing to call me long distance we can make it work.

Sadly I have had to terminate coaching relationships due to bad phone connections or an inability to connect properly. I find it to be such a disservice to my clients to waste their time if we lose so much of it in internet connection issues.

Where can I schedule a session?

You can click here to fill out a short form contacting me about wanting to start coaching with me. I’ll get back to you with my coaching info and the link to my scheduling page which you’ll use to schedule all your future sessions with me.

How often do you hold sessions with a client?

I will coach you once a week. This keeps your coaching work in a good rhythm for optimal support and change.  I do not recommend more than once a week since I find it important to create some space for the client to absorb the previous session, implement some goals and prepare for our next session. I find that fewer than once a week, leaves the client feeling a bit disconnected and we lose some momentum and accountability.

What timezone are you in and how does that work when we schedule a coaching call?

I am working in U.S. Mountain Time. So please be very mindful of time changes, I know it only happens twice a year but given that different countries switch at different times it can be quite a confusing debacle. Thankfully my scheduling software makes it a lot easier, once we’ve connected and you have my scheduling link you’ll be able to see how easy it is.

How do we connect for our sessions?

You will contact me at our scheduled session time by our agreed-upon method (Zoom, phone, or another digital method).

What if I miss a session?

As further outlined in my Client Terms & Conditions, if you miss a session it results in forfeiture of our scheduled Session. I will try my best to accommodate emergencies on a case-by-case basis.

What if I am late for a session?

It happens! I will wait for 15 minutes to see if you’re just running late or if you’ve missed our date. As further outlined in my Client Terms & Conditions, anything beyond 15 minutes results in a forfeited session with no refund. Any time lost will not be added to the end of the session as my schedule will not allow it.

How would I cancel or reschedule a session?

No problem at all, I completely understand…sometimes life gets busy. You can reschedule or cancel your appointment yourself in just a few clicks. Just check out the confirmation email I sent you with your session info, you’ll see the buttons for canceling and rescheduling there. You’ll get a new confirmation email with the updated time or cancellation confirmation. Just be sure to do this more than 48 hours prior to our scheduled session. As stated in my Client Terms & Conditions I cannot accommodate cancellations or rescheduling within the 48 hour window of our session.

When/ How do I pay for the coaching sessions?

You will pay online, at the time of scheduling. There are several payment options available to you.

Do you offer session packages?

I currently do not offer coaching packages of multiple sessions. It is something I have considered and might offer in the future. If this is something that you would be interested in drop me a line and let me know.

What’s your cancellation policy for coaching sessions?

This is further outlined in my Client Terms & Conditions, which you will be able to read through and save before purchasing. I require an email notice more than 48 hours prior to our scheduled session, in order to give a full refund. Any cancellation or change within 48 hours of scheduled session will be considered a forfeited session.

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