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Tasteofgood.com is the online home and work of Stephanie; a blogger, life & health coach, bookworm, food-nerd, and recipe creator with a passion for research, writing, and self-improvement. The focus of TasteofGood is to give you a Taste of Good and Healthy Living, through short yet powerful posts, insights and recipesTaste of Good serves as a source of inspiration, knowledge and motivation; empowering you to create the life you have been yearning for.

Giving You a Taste of Good & Healthy Living

Loving Kindness Meditation Mantra

A little about my meditation experience and how I am choosing to meditate these days. I even share my personal Loving Kindness Meditation Mantra with you.

How to turn Should into Could

Ever wondered what lies behind the word should and what that word does to your mindset? Turn should into a more positive and active choice of could!

Kale Introduction

An intro to Kale…why is it so popular? Why is Kale healthy? Is Kale poisonous? I break down Kale nutrition, and share some of my favorite Kale recipes.

What to buy Organic?

Which produce should you really buy organic? Check out my own Buying Organic Produce Guide to learn what I put in my shopping cart and why.

Sauteed Kale, with Onion and Carrot

Looking for a new Healthy Kale Recipe? Give my sauteed Kale with Onions and Carrots a try! It’s a great introduction to Kale and a Nutrition powerhouse.

In Defense Of Food – Book Review

A quick intro and review of Michael Pollan’s book In Defense of Food. Read a little about the book & see if it would be an good addition to your bookshelf.

Farmacology – Book Review

This health book is packed full of wonderful stories & great insights. Daphne takes you on a journey & opens your mind to new ways of thinking about health.

Worry Workout Worksheet

Check out another Free Worksheet for Adults…my Worry Workout Worksheet. Let’s take those worries and work them out so they work for us not against us!

Weekly Goals Worksheet

Do you want some structure around your goals? As one of my top Free Downloadable Life Coaching Resources, this Weekly Goals Worksheet will get you going.

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