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About Me

Hi there, I’m Stephanie, creator, designer, and owner of Taste of Good. I’m a Blogger, Certified Life Coach & Health Coach, Bookworm, Food Nerd, and Recipe Creator. I’ve got a passion for making life as healthy and happy as possible. I love to empower myself through research and healthy changes in my life, and I thrive on sharing that with my peeps through my writing. Just Giving you a Taste of Good and Healthy Living so you can use that to empower yourself to create a life that you love.

The Early Days

picture of Stephanie as a childSome background info on me… I was born in the United States but I spent my young childhood years growing up in Switzerland. I have very fond memories of those early years. Even though I was very young, I soaked up all of the family time spent in the kitchen and around the dinner table. It was during these years that I learned about the beauty of creating meals for others. I was always at my mother’s side in the kitchen, allowed to do the ‘little hands jobs’. It was wonderful growing up surrounded by the unspoiled nature of the alps. The winters were long but filled with fun in the snow and wonderful traditions.

Here’s little me at home in Switzerland on Easter puzzled by one of life’s biggest questions…which chocolate bunny should I eat first? Given that one was meant for my sister, my dilemma was quickly resolved. But look at that focus! Hey, Swiss chocolate bunnies are serious business!

On the Move…

When I was 13 years old my Mom, siblings and I moved to the Bahamas. Where I spent the remaining years of my childhood and also finished high-school. Moving from the punctual, snowy, old-world Switzerland to the slow, sunny, and beach-life of the Bahamas was quite an adjustment. My siblings and I found ourselves at home quite quickly though. We learned to adapt to the new language (English & ‘island-talk’) and of course also island time (a.k.a. nothing is on time) and grew to love the ocean and new way of life.

After high school I moved to the U.S., to pursue my undergraduate studies. I still live in the U.S. today with my husband and our dog Lucy. Growing up in different countries awarded me many wonderful opportunities. I soaked up the different cultures, languages, and of course the culinary offerings. It also taught me to be adaptable, resilient and self-sufficient. These discovered strengths are what brought me to you today.

Get a Taste of Good & Healthy Living

Education & Experience

Stephanie's College Graduation with Psychology DegreeGoing off to college brought me back to America; I moved to Atlanta Georgia and was able to get a taste of the South. I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, with a minor in Sociology. After undergrad, I was eager to move on to grad school for Clinical Psychology. Shortly after I began my studies in a Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) program I experienced intense health problems. My symptoms were so severe that it forced me to put my education on hold. I’ve always had a ‘sensitive stomach’, but I was experiencing debilitating digestive issues. I was also suffering from excruciating migraines. This affected my daily life so severely that I developed intense anxiety and was basically house-bound. I knew in my heart that I had to make some serious changes in my life!

So, I went on a bit of an internal soul-searching journey and body healing break. I took an honest look at myself and my life and what it was that I really wanted for my future. This led me to dig into health and nutrition studies to empower myself. I wanted to find the balance my body needed through my nutrition and lifestyle choices. With time and patience, I found my way to that place; through lots of books, research, and support. Now I am in a much better place with my health and my goals. My journey has inspired me to work hard to help others find the answers they’re seeking in their lives.

Becoming a Health Coach

Health Coach Badge from Institute for integrative nutrition (IIN)My search for learning and understanding led me through several study programs to gain as much knowledge as I could. In the first online study program, I earned my Certificate as a Nutritional Consultant. This sparked my interest and curiosity into this world of self-empowerment and self-healing. Then I enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) and gained my Health Coach Certification. It was during my time with IIN that I got a taste for what coaching is and I instantly knew that I wanted to learn more about it. What I really craved was to gain more knowledge in life coaching so I could support my clients in more than just their health and wellness. I wanted to be able to support them in their soul-searching times and even their day to day struggles.

Becoming a Life Coach

International Coach Academy BadgeI further developed my coaching skills with the International Coach Academy (ICA). This is where the life coaching bug really bit me, I just knew that this was my sweet spot. I loved connecting with clients and seeing their growth and celebrating their wins with them. The ICA’s Certified Coach Training  Program is an in-depth, and well-rounded course. It spans over a year-and-half and is approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF).

Associate Certified Coach (ACC) Badge from International Coach Federation (ICF)The ICF is the world leader and main certifying body in the world of coaching. I am certified through the ICF as an Associate Certified Coach (ACC).  Want to know more? I’ve got more info on coaching and my coaching style. You can also take a peek at my coaching client testimonials where some of my former clients have shared their feedback on our time together.

Creating Taste of Good

As I was building my coaching business and working with clients, I kept yearning for a platform where I could contribute and speak to a greater audience. Where more people could find me and find my research; and use it to empower and help themselves. So I started working on and found that the response to my work here was reaching further than I could have ever imagined. And here you are, on my little patch of the world wide web. I hope that through my offerings here; my passion, research, and writings; I can be of help and inspiration to you. 

Perhaps you’ll come across some of my Good Advice Posts that teach you something new about your soul journey, that can change your life for the better. Or maybe it’ll be a Good Health Post that will help you on your path to finding and nurturing your best health. Perhaps you connect with me on a deeper level and want to check out the other ways in which we could work together. I enjoy working with individuals and brands to brainstorm, grow and empower their journey towards a bright future.

Get a Taste of Good & Healthy Living

Taste of Good Love

Yoga & Pilates bring me great joy; when I can rip myself from my work to get on the mat. I also find an immense amount of comfort and peace in meditation. It is a practice that has really changed my life in so many ways. I’ll be sharing some of my mediation mantras and experiences along the way on my Good Advice Posts. It recharges my heart and soul to meditate in nature, whenever I find myself in a breathtaking place I just have to find a seat and take it all in.

I also have a deep love for cooking and baking so be sure to check out my Recipes, Kitchen Hacks & Good Eats. I cherish the time spent in the kitchen, connecting with loved ones over good food. My favorite way to spend a Sunday evening is cooking up a storm with my hubby. I’ve earned the nickname Health Focused Foodie because I believe that what we eat should be delicious AND good for you (well, most of the time anyways…Hey, nobody’s perfect).

Taste of Good Passion

My dog Lucy playing in the snowI also relish long walks and hikes and generally just being outside breathing in fresh air and filling my soul with the world’s beauty. When I am surrounded by nature and have my Dog Lucy by my side I could walk for days. Lucy is a little fluff of love, but don’t let her small size fool you, she will keep on walking until the sun goes down.

I also enjoy reading a good book when I find the time. I’ll devour a great cookbook, snuggle up to a good inspirational read and stay up all night fascinated by a new health book. Of course, I can’t keep these great reads to myself, so I also love sharing what’s on my bookshelf with my friends and family and now you can get a glimpse too, check out my latest Good Reads.

Taste of Good Beauty

Other sources of inspiration and joy for me are travel and photography. I have been able to travel to some pretty cool places. I always have my camera dangling from my neck ready for the next sight to capture. These pictures are gold to me, mementos of my time spent discovering a new place. I believe that each new place you discover changes you a little. You carry it with you forever and it leaves its mark on you. Be sure to connect with me on social media to follow along on some of my journeys and get a glimpse of my past adventures too.

What About you?

Now that you know about me, why don’t you come and tell me about yourself?

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Get a Taste of Good & Healthy Living