Take a few minutes to check in with yourself, to reconnect with your inner values. It is so easy to lose ourselves in our day-to-day activities and influences. We sometimes forget our deepest core values, goals, and desires, getting so wrapped up in all the little things that get in the way. Enter my free printable worksheet, Self-Discovery Worksheet! It will help you reconnect and remind yourself where your core beliefs and values genuinely sit. I like to do my Self-Discovery by Free Association Worksheet from time to time to re-center myself. The ‘surface’ answers change slightly, but they always reflect my core self and help me get back to my center. I hope it does the same for you. So go ahead and grab this free printable worksheet for yourself today.

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Don't you just love worksheets? They help me clear my mind and guide me towards the goals and dreams that I hold for myself. I hope you will find as much joy and comfort in my free downloadable worksheets. Are you looking for extra guidance and inspiration regarding a habit or pattern not covered here? If so, I want to hear from you so contact me and tell me about it. Maybe I can create another free downloadable worksheet to help you get centered and clear. 

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