It’s essential to check in with yourself from time to time. Both on how you’re doing and how you feel regarding the top 9 aspects of your life. Here’s one of my Free Life Coaching Worksheets to help you with that. My Whole-Life Check-in Worksheet will bring your attention to those critical factors of your life and have you examine how you feel and how you prioritize them. Just follow the steps and see where it takes you. If you’re looking for ways to put this newfound knowledge to great use, I have many more free life coaching worksheets that can help you with that. Now go and take control of your life and create positive action for your future. 

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Don't you just love worksheets? They help me clear my mind and guide me towards the goals and dreams that I hold for myself. I hope you will find as much joy and comfort in my free downloadable worksheets. Are you looking for extra guidance and inspiration regarding a habit or pattern not covered here? If so, I want to hear from you so contact me and tell me about it. Maybe I can create another free downloadable worksheet to help you get centered and clear. 

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