Author Giulia Enders

If you want to have your mind blown and have a good laugh, while learning about your gut, then this is your next read. The way Giulia writes is not only hilarious, but it is also addictive. When I read this book a few years ago, I could not put it down. And I have re-read it since then and it just never gets old. While reading this book, you’re taken on a journey through your gut. Every step is broken down and thoroughly explained. I loved learning about all of the bacteria, organs, and functions in my gut. It’s like discovering a new planet or getting to know yourself even better.

Get to know your Gut!

Giulia gives some pretty detailed biology in this book. She explains different parts of the digestive system, what their roles are and what happens if they aren’t playing fair. But she does all this in an incredibly fun, down to earth way. There are even some fun drawings to help you get some visuals! Reading this book will also give you a lot of insight into different gastrointestinal issues that are out there. Who knows, maybe it will help you find out more about what might be plaguing you?

Gut-Brain Connection

What I especially loved about it was the way that Giulia acknowledges throughout the book how strong the gut-mind connection is. She emphasizes how our emotions and nerves are closely linked to our gut. I can definitely relate to this as my gut issues caused some severe anxiety in the past. Unfortunately, that connection between anxiety and gut problems is still strong for me to this day. She made me realize that I am not crazy and that this is not only common but has a very logical explanation.

Blow my mind things that I learned from Gut

This book is full of amazing lessons and insights. And they don’t just pop up here or there. You’ll have your mind blown about every 2-3 pages! No kidding, my copy of this book is so full of highlighter it’s nuts. So I just picked a few points that were mind-blowing to me:

  • All fat that we eat goes straight into the heart! Yup, no kidding! So whether you’re eating healthy fats or complete garbage fats the heart gets them full force there’s no first stop to detoxify town or anything. So choose your fats wisely cause your heart takes the heat.
  • Fructose intolerance is the most common food intolerance in the western hemisphere. Fructose Intolerance is when people have trouble digesting fruit sugars, and it affects about 40% of the population. I was blown away by this, as it took me so long to figure out that fructose was my biggest problem source and for years I’d been seeking medical advice, and none of the doctors even told me about fructose intolerance, and it affects 40% of the western population!! That’s crazy!
  • 1/3 of the solid mass of your poop is bacteria. I could not believe this, that shows you how many gut flora (bacteria) live in your gut. The ones you’re parting ways with have retired from their jobs and are moving on.
  • The grumbling you hear in your tummy isn’t it saying that you’re hungry or that it’s time to eat. It is your small intestine doing it’s final ‘clean up job’ after a meal. Surprisingly this can be several hours after you last ate. So constant snacking prevents this ‘clean up’ from happening which is why some believe it to be best to leave at least 5 hours between meals.

I’d recommend this to…

Truly anyone who has ever suffered (or has a loved one who’d suffering) from digestive issues. This book breaks down the barriers of feeling embarrassed, alone and terrified. After reading it, I felt empowered by the knowledge I had just learned, and I also felt relieved. I was able to see my digestion in a new light, and this newfound understanding even helped me figure out more of my digestive puzzle to improve my health. Also be sure to check out my thoughts on In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan, the Complete Low FODMAP Diet by Sue Shepherd and Peter Gibson, and Farmacology Daphne Miller.

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