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Author: Daphne Miller M.D.

This health book has a really cool setup! Daphne breaks down 6 big health and wellness topics into chapters that are filled with great stories and lots of wisdom. In each chapter, she includes wonderful personal stories. Either learning from her patients or her own life that are relevant to the topic. She also centers each chapter around a place that plays a role in food production. For example, in one chapter she visits an organic winery in California. She shows the connection between how they treat the land and how those principles could be applied to cancer care. Daphne Miller gives a beautiful first-hand account of what it was like being there and what she learned from her time at each place.

A Health Book with Adventure

Daphne discusses some very important topics and brings a lot of science to the chapters. But she doesn’t get too medical and it never feels like a biology lesson. The book and its wonderful message are easy to understand and will leave you wanting to know even more. Reading this book felt like being on a great adventure with a very smart friend. One who teaches you new insights about health and wellness along the way. She also opens your eyes and your heart to look at things from a different perspective. She totally makes you want to find local farmers so you can connect with them and find out exactly how your food is grown.

Book Recommendation

I would recommend this book to someone who loves to get a dose of knowledge through great storytelling. Someone who isn’t just interested in the hard facts; but also wants to have their horizon widened by the context. It’s a fast read as the book isn’t very big. The wonderful writing style also makes for easy reading flow. I also think this book is great for anyone who has had their health challenges.  Those of us who have felt like conventional approaches have not worked well. It’s not that she discusses any particular health topic in detail. But you get a sense of other possibilities and also how your environment and nourishment can impact your health more than you thought.

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