Check out another Free Worksheet for Adults. My Worry Workout Worksheet! Do you have a bunch of worries that keep creeping into your mind? As a fellow worrier, I understand. I have come to realize that it’s hard to unlearn worrying if you have been conditioned to worry in your younger years. But not to worry (ha!), we can work on this. We can give our worries a workout and put them in their place! They can be picked apart and then turned around so you can now see what good they might possess. Then you’ll see what you can do to work on them and where you can allow yourself to let go. What’s the point? Recognizing how this worry is serving you, where you have power, and where you need to let go and give yourself a break. Am I speaking your language here? Well, then give this worksheet a try today. Whether you hang it up, shred it, or save it afterward, it doesn’t matter. Just take the time to get it all out on paper and get it off your chest. Let me know how it went.

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