My Meditation Love Story

I have dabbled in lots of different meditation techniques over the years, and I have loved them all for various reasons. Each type of meditation and each new practice added something to my understanding of stillness and growth that I hadn’t found in the others. So I can’t really pick a favorite and I am happy to have sampled all that I have so far and can’t wait to try more. Some of my experiences included being taught a Buddhist meditation technique by a Buddhist monk, which also included walking meditation. I also learned transcendental meditation, and sincerely committed to that for a while. I have tested and enjoyed tons of guided meditations from apps and CDs (dating my meditations a little here). And my latest ultimate pleasure and self growth has me dabbling in mantra meditations, more specifically loving-kindness meditations.

Mantra Meditations – Loving Kindness Meditation

So in mantra meditations the idea is that you repeat a mantra to yourself over and over again. This can be a mantra that you find, or someone brings to you, or you can create your own based on what’s going on in your life. I created my loving-kindness meditation while reading Sharon Salzberg’s Real Love book. Sharon’s book is absolutely phenomenal and an absolute must read by the way. She created some beautiful examples in her book of loving-kindness mantras. Inspired by her writing, I created this as my Loving Kindness Meditation Mantra and have used it ever since. I quickly realized that this type of meditation was a very different experience for me from all the others and it evolves further the more I practice it.

How I meditate with the Loving Kindness Mantra

I find quiet time during the day (usually early morning). I sit in a comfortable position with my Mala Beads (Buddhist Prayer Beads) in one hand. These beads are used for meditation to keep track of your Mantras. I will write a post soon on Malas and how they help my meditation practice. So back to my mediation…I start with deep breaths, and then I repeat the loving kindness mantra to myself. This can be out loud, or quietly in my head, it depends on where I am and how I am feeling. I do find that it’s easier to stay with the mantra and not get distracted when I say it out loud.

More Stillness + More Love

It’s lovely to feel the stillness come into your mind and your body. The ever-running mind slows down, and you are just focusing on yourself in a kind and positive way. Something very profound happens in you when you repeat such kind and beautiful words to yourself. I’m telling you it’s quite something!  When I practice the loving-kindness meditation my focus is not on clearing my mind entirely; it’s to find stillness within and let my soul speak to me. I know this sounds weird but let me explain what has been happening.

Soul Talk

When I started the Loving Kindness Meditations, I found that after several Mantra repetitions some emotion would well up inside me. The first time I actually started crying…full on crying! I was surprised but remembered what Sharon said in her book about letting yourself feel your emotions, so I let the tears flow! As I sat there, still crying, suddenly a new mantra formed in my head. One that had to do with the topic that was bringing up these emotions. So I switched gears from the loving kindness mantra and started saying my new mantra out loud to myself…still crying and feeling such profound emotions. After a while, the tears slowed and I found a deep sense of calm. After a few more repetitions of the newfound Mantra, I switched back to my original loving kindness mantra for the remainder of my meditation.

Project Meditation Mantra Share

The experience that I had during my first loving-kindness meditation has repeated itself many times. Every single meditation experience I have ever had has been entirely different. I do not enter meditation with any expectations or trying to achieve something. That would go against the point of the meditation. The point is to enter the meditation with stillness, and openness to whatever might come up. Thankfully I keep a meditation journal for myself, where I write down a few notes about how I felt. I also write down any new soul message or Mantra that came up for me. Today it dawned on me that you might be interested in these as well. So I thought why not share these with my peeps?

Don’t Miss a Mantra!

I first wanted to share my meditation intro story and my Base Mantra with you here. I’ll be sure to post one of my soul’s mantras from time to time (when they come up) in the hopes that it resonates with you. Maybe they help you find some quiet, calm and peace. If you want to ensure that you don’t miss a single one of my mantras be sure to become one of my VIPs (very Informed Peeps). Sign up for my newsletter so I can send you updates on posts, recipes and even some free VIP only content. I’ll also do my best to share them on my social media feeds so be sure to follow me there too.

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