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Research & posts about holistic health and wellnessI break the information down into small easy to digest posts that hopefully inspire you towards a healthier life. If there’s a topic that interests you that I have not covered yet, please contact me and let me know.

Kale Introduction: Nutritional Info, Tips + Recipes

Why is Kale healthy? Should you bring it into your diet? Is Kale poisonous? I break down Kale nutrition and share some of my favorite ways to use Kale.

Gut Book Review

Read my honest book review of Gut by author Giulia Enders. Do you want to have your mind blown while laughing your butt off while getting to know your gut through this book.

Learn the code to produce!

Did you know that your produce has a secret code? Well, not so secret but a lot of people don’t know about it…until now. The little numbers on your produce mean something and the more you know the smarter you can shop.

In Defense of Food Book Review

A quick intro and review of Michael Pollan’s book In Defense of Food. Read a little about the book and see if it would be a good read for you.

Does all your produce have to be Organic?

While it’s always best to go Organic when possible, it’s good to know when you can feel a bit more comfortable with conventional produce and when you absolutely should not accept anything less than organic.

The Complete Low-FODMAP Diet Book Review

Authors Sue Shepherd + Peter Gibson do such a great job shedding light on IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). The Low-FODMAP diet can be a game changer for anyone suffering from ongoing digestion issues.

How to wash your Produce

It is so important to wash your produce properly, whether it’s organic or conventional the journey that the vegetables and fruit had to make before ending up in your kitchen means that it passed through many hands and situations. So wash it and wash it well to keep your family healthy.  

Farmacology Book Review

This book is packed full of wonderful stories and great insights. Daphne takes you on a journey and opens your mind to new ways of thinking about health and food. 

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