Authors Michelle Tam + Henry Fong

Do you have a cookbook that you just adore? One that has never failed you? That book that just speaks to you in all the right ways. Every recipe you’ve tried has either been spot on or just needed minimal tweaking to get it to your liking. This is that book for me! Nom Nom Paleo is amazing! I know we shouldn’t have favorites…give all the other books a chance! But all I can say is that Nom Nom is just awesome and one of my top picks. I love every recipe I have tried out of this little red treasure of a cookbook. So, if you’re looking to dip your feet into the Paleo way of cooking; or just want to add some no carb, healthy recipes to your rotation this is THE book for you.

The geniuses behind Nom Nom Paleo are Michelle Tam + Henry Fong. It’s a fun and inspiring Paleo cookbook featuring awesome, easy and delicious Paleo recipes. Are you not quite sure what Paleo eating is all about? Well, you’re in luck because Michelle takes you on a little tour. She introduces the Paleo Lifestyle with wonderful insights, explanations, and delicious and varied recipes. Whether you’re a hardcore Paleo-eater or just want to add some new no-carb recipes to your menu, you can’t go wrong with this book.

My Favorite Paleo Cookbook

This has quickly become one of my favorite cookbooks. The photography is amazing and the book reads like a good story. You’ll get to know Michelle and her family more and more as you cook with her. With every page and recipe, she invites you into her kitchen and life. She shares witty stories from her childhood, and adorable pictures of the young boys, eating her delicious creations. By the time you’ve read through the book, and delighted in cooking a handful of recipes, you’ll feel like Michelle is one of your besties.

Michelle also has a beautiful blog, where she’s always cooking up something delicious. I am a huge fan of all her work and highly recommend both her blog and her book to everyone.

My absolute Favorite Recipes from Nom Nom Paleo

Alrighty, this was tough…I mean I had a hard time picking just a few! There are so many amazing recipes in this book that I just love! But I made myself pick my top 2 just to give you an idea of what’s in store for you here.

Fiona’s Green Chicken

Michelle gives full credit to her sister for this delicious one of a kind chicken recipe. I’ve made this for so many friends and loved ones. Not only does everyone love it, but they ask for it over and over again. The chicken marinates in a super flavorful green sauce that is full of bright herb flavors and is perfectly balanced with notes of sweetness and a touch of sour. It is without a doubt the star of this book. It’s my favorite summer recipe; cause that’s when I have a garden full of fresh herbs begging to be used for green chicken.

Egg Foo-Young

Are you looking for a delicious healthy breakfast item that moves out of the everyday oatmeal or scrambled eggs? Michelle’s Egg Foo Young is it! They’re basically savory egg pancakes with spinach and ham (or bacon….mmm bacon). When I make these I make a very big batch. You can store them in the fridge and they reheat beautifully in the toaster oven for a quick healthy breakfast midweek. 

I’d recommend this to…

You do not need to be hardcore Paleo or even baby paleo to enjoy Nom Nom Paleo. It’s really for anyone who enjoys some healthy dishes that focus mainly on vegetables and meats. What I especially love is that I can trust that all the recipes are ‘clean eating’, meaning there’s no sugars, unnecessary ingredients, or preservatives.

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